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Wow... it's been a while....

Long time....
I am doing pretty good. I have my ups and my downs but over all a lot better than i was the last time i posted. Im sorry i haven't posted. Every time i plan on posting i either go and do something or i get side tracked. But im doing it now right?
Im so happy school is out next week!! I miss those summer days of doing absolutely nothing and sleeping for hours on end! lol. Too bad my summer won't be like that. I am going today to try to get a job. I need one badly. So badly that i am going to fill out the applications there and turn them in today. I need money for a car, clothes and to help my aunt out with things(even if she says i don't need to).
Yesturday i had to go to my moms. Ohh god that turned out horrible. We had our "discussion" (and everyone who knows my mom knows that means fighting). We talked about how long i plan on staying with my aunt and i told her that im not coming home and why and she got hurt and angry. I made my point with reasonable points and stayed calm through the whole thing and she still started yelling and screaming at me and my aunt. It just reminded me of why im not there anymore. The one thing she said that just tore me apart was that she thinks being in a relationship with nathan is bad. Her thing is that since his past was bad and hes paying for it no(house arrest) that he's a bad kid. Then she says that hes too old for me and im not ready for it. Bullshit hes only 3 years older than me. Thats nothing. And she said i should stop dating him and if she has anything to do with it i will. I thought that was completely wrong, cuz right now he is one really positive thing in my life. Just think of it this way- im alive because i have him. I fell in love with him and he is helping me more than anyone can possibly believe.
Ok sorry about that, if you know me well enough, you know if i believe strongly about something i will debate and fight for it.
I should go though, cuz I need to go look for a job and i need to get all prettied up so someone will want to hire me. lol

Sara Ann Chandler
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