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What's up people. I've been pretty much nothing. I'm on spring break right now. For about 4 days i went to my Aunts house. It was great, i got to escape and worry about nada. Plus i was able to hang out with Syndee and talk to someone who i know really cares. After i came home i had practice and then i had counseling. Counseling was ok. The lady i have is cool, so i feel comfortable talking to her. Besides that, i have been sleeping and being lazy. Sounds like fun...

I have been at Sndee's a lot lately. I feel great when i am there, so i try to be there as much as possible. She's made me a lot better both mentally and physically. Every friday and Saturday Syndee, Nicole and Alan go karaoking and hang out all night. We actually just got back from it right now. It's been great.... im not afraid to sing anymore and Nicole, Alan, Syndee and i have gotten a lot closer. They have become some of my closet friends. And they feel the same. The thing that sucks is that Nicole and Alan are moving to Springfield on Monday or Tuesday. But i did set up a lj for them.

I will do an actual update on how thing are going with me and how i feel another time. I just wanted to do a brief update. I will talk to you soon.

Sara Ann Chandler


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