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Stole this from Chrystal

A - Age: 16
B - Band listening to right now: Nickleback
C - Career future: Photographer or Color Guard Instrusctor
D - Dad's name: Mike
E - Easiest person to talk to: Christy or Pooh Bear
F - Favorite song: Pat Benatar- Please don't leave me
G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: gummy bears
H - Hometown: West Covina
I - Instruments: does a flag count??
J - Job: not untill summer.....
K - Kids: none yet
L - Longest car ride ever: From Arizona to Cali. Ohh so long, but worth it!
M - Mom's name: Carla
N - No. of people you've slept with: Thats for me to know.....
P - Phobia(s): Clowns
Q - Quote: The best thing in life is to love and be loved in return
R - Reason to smile: Knowing everything will be ok and will work out.
S - Song you sang last: No Doubt- Don't Speak(damn Winter Guard!!)
T - Time you wake up: 6:30
U - Unknown fact about me: How many schools i have actually gone to.
V - Vegetable(s) you hate: peas
W - Worst habit: picking at scabs
X - X-rays you've had: Wrist, Arm, Knee
Y - Yummy foods: Ice Cream
Z - Zodiac sign: Scoripio
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