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Nothing much happend today. Besides drama, pretty much nothing else. I actuall went to hang out with my old group of friends today, it felt very weird. I wanted to go back with gabby, but Amanda wanted to talk to me. So since i haven't talked to her in a while we went walking around. I missed you though gab!! lol. But when i got home from school today crystal said we are going to go get shorty. I was soo happy!! Well we picked her up and we went to the libary. I checked out two books, i have been wanting to get them for a while. It was cool, while we were at the libary me and shorty got to talk. It was nice to have a real conversation (besides the ones i have with Gabby). but then we had to take her home cuz she had to go do something with Crispy. Then after i droped her off, michael came over and so did christy. Me and Christy talked a lot. She finally talked to someone about how she felt latley. And so did i, and i haven't told any one how i feel in detail and me and her went into detail. But then we went to Frys to play free DDR. It was cool. I haven't played in forever!! I need to go more so i get better. I am doing better than i use to. I use to really sux!! But i am going to go now, i need to do some stuff. laters

Sara Ann Chandler
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