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I am so tired but i can't sleep. I have been in Crystals room just hanging out with Alo and Micheal playing cards, smoking, and talking. We are all talking about how tired we are and how we need sleep, but none of us have the energy to go to our room(or im Micheals case, go home). So i finally got the energy to get up and now i can't sleep. So here i am. Nothing much has been going on with me. I am getting better with how happy i have been. Theres still the molments that i feel like just giving up, but i know i won't do it. I am so pissed of right now though. At school, someone stole my walet. I had $40 and all my ids and bank card. It sucks. They took it right out of my back pack. ohh that pisses me off. And now my mom is all pissed at me too. What was i supost to do if someone stole my shit.
Tomorrow is going to be so much fun. I am going to watch the filming of Star Search and Family Fued. I can't wait. So many of my friends are going. It will be great. Ok since i have to wake up at 7 i am going to try to get sleep(even though i know i won't). SO i will talk to you later.

Sara Ann Chandler
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