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ladi lada...

My day was ok. Nothing special. School was ok. I did good on my finals. I got a b+ on my Spanish final and i don't know about my History, but i think i did good. Abraham left today. I didn't want him to leave. He made me cry when i said bye. But when i got home i felt better. Ferrnie came over and we just chilled. We looked through all of my old pictures and laughed at how dorky some of them. I have so many black male pictures. Then we took him home and we went over to cristina's house. I saw chibi and shorty. It was great i missed them. Shorty is sweet, she said i made her day. I love seeing them, they are great people, i really love them. Nothing else really happend. So i am going to do something, anything. bye

Sara Ann Chandler
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