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A day as a duck

Today was a lot better for me. Only bad thing for me lately is that I can't sleep. I got a hour of sleep yesterday and It's 2:21 am and i can't sleep. I have too much on my mind to sleep. fun! Today was basically a kick back day for me. I was on most of the morning/afternoon, putting my poems on there. Then me and syndee had a talk. We talked about the ground rules and what's going to happen. Basically if I don't bullshit her and I help around the house, then I'm all good. And she said I can stay as long as I need to. YAY. So I'm really not sure when I am going back to my moms. I know I will go back, but not anytime soon.

Ohh ya.. I also went to go see my friend Nathan in jail. Don't ask me why he is in jail, cuz i don't even know the whole story. All I know is he shouldn't be in there cuz he's a good guy, he just messed up in his past. Anyways... It was great to see him. He made me feel so relieved, cuz i was really worried about him. I also cheered him up cuz I made him laugh and he said he hasn't laughed in 4 weeks. score for me. But he is getting out of jail in the next 3 weeks. He says most likely this week. I hope he does! Well that was my day... fun huh?

Well I am going to be posting a lot more often now, cuz i have a lot more free time and I have a lot going on with me and I need to get it out. I should try to get sleep. Probably won't though.

Sara Ann Chandler


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