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long time....

hey there. Its been a while since i have written. I don't know why i haven't. A lot has been going on. Im in the middle of pressing charges on my dad. And I think either Monday or Wednesday the detective wants me to call my dad to try to get him to confess everything. I didn't want to at first, but i really thought about it and if he does confess i win. And i get to face my greatest fear and have the questions i have always want to know answered. Im still terrifed though. What if it is just like the past and i let him take control over me? I don't know if i will or not, cuz i haven't talked to him in 2 years. I have changed since then.

Ok on to better news. My flag team(Winter Guard) got first place at the competition we had last Saturday. It was great. I have never gotten first in anything im my whole life. Hopefully we can do as well as we did last Saturday on our next comp. I think we can. I know my girls and guy can do it.

I get my license in a week and a half. yay!!! i was going to get it this tuesday, but we don't have the money to fix the windshield and i can't take the test with a cracked windshield. Well I am going to go now. Bye Bye



Sara Ann Chandler


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