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Counting down the days

I have been practicing soo much lately. Yesturday we had practice after school, like normal, til 5:30. But today we had a really long pracitice. It was from 8 in the morning til 3 in the afternoon. I woke up 15 min before i had to leave. I was almost late. We are practicing a lot more cuz we have a comp. in two weeks to the day. Our rutin is fun though!! yay, nothing like last year. I think we can do good at the comp, if we put our minds on it!! But ya, i will stop boring you with that.
I don't want it to be Valentines Day on Saturday. I hate the day. First of all it reminds me of my ex, cuz thats our anniversary, second, i have no one to share it with, and third, its on a saturday, i have to stay home and do nothing and think, "Ummm..... I wonder if i will ever have someone on Valentines?" But just being stupid. Its just a stupid day and i will live through it and plus i have people that love me, who cares if its not in that way, i only want one person right now, but thats another story. Ok i will talk to you peoples later. Later

Sara Ann Chandler
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